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We know the problems you are witnessing.

We talk to people like you several times a day, who are suffering, as you are, and who need urgent assistance to stop the
problems at hand, just as you now do. We hear torrid tales of everyday fraudulent activity, sometimes perpetrated by people
who wouldn't normally consider themselves criminal or who would not normally think about tampering, swapping parts or
making a false declaration.

These people are your customers, and we have experience in combatting their intent, knowing how, and why, they would readily
defraud you if it meant a full refund, for very little effort.

We purposefully 'fly under the radar' so that you, our customer, can feel secure knowing that we won't allow YOUR clients to
know what we do for you, to discover who is supplying YOUR security labels. We are on your side. We want you to win. We are
your ally in this war, and together we can triumph against the deluge that threatens to drown you and your business. We are
YOUR Big Brother.

We can help you. No matter how small or large your enterprise, your product, your loss or your gain, we produce a label that will
put a total end to your pain.

We have the medicine for your ailments. We can save your company from criminal activity. We can do it without major expense
and when compared to the saving of margin you'll enjoy, as opposed to the loss you would have endured, each label is worth
much much more than its very fractional, minor, cost.
We are Portrayer Publishers Security Labels and we understand what you are experiencing.
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