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The advent of 'remote' sales and Internet sales channels means you no longer have the ability to
enforce product security in person and to check integrity of the item at point of physical handover.

Some Internet sales channels are riskier than others, with buyers setting out to obtain goods by
deception and deceit, hidden by the distance, protected by the anonymous nature of the
Warranty and returns fraud is on the increase. It is accelerating beyond measure and with the age of austerity upon us,
products and their margins need to be both kept within tight control.

Warranty / RMA / returns fraud [or error] is one area where most business can effectively, quickly and very economically put
into place measures - immediately - to deter and prevent margin eroding incidents and easily secure 100% of stock, in very
quick time.

Clients deploying our labels often report to us their astonishing [to them, not to us...but enjoyable all the same] successes in
preventing the kinds of fraud that used to hound their every day trading.

Fraud, in any guise, is criminal activity, let's not beat around the bush. Let our labels help you make your business more
profitable, easier to police and simpler to be locked down from all levels of potential fraud, error and false handling of any
and every nature.
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